Sunday, May 17, 2009

You Know What I Want?

I want a love that's unfailing, forever plus eternity, a love that doesn't fade. I saw that today while I was working. It was pouring down rain and this old couple, probably in their 70s or 80s get out of the car. The man holds the umbrella over his wife so that she doesn't get wet, even though he does. He also follows behind her with a gentle, guiding hand so that she, being a woman in her 80's, doesn't slip and fall. It was one of those moments that would look beautiful in an old black and white photograph. Now that's real love, a love that has grown and blossomed, not a love that has been torn and throw away. This love was like coming home, an everlasting, beautiful, absolute comfort that allows one to be so deeply connected with another that they are literally halves of each other. One cannot function without the other. True soulmates. I sincerely hope that everyone can find that. I hope I can find that.

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