Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Did Promise..

we're awesome. don't argue. :)

So here are some lovely pictures from the new year! Not much new is happening execpt that I got roped into playing intramural basketball..which btw I suck at..but that's's all good fun..until we get competetive :)

It snowed in Tennessee!!!!!! I love it!

Watching our undefeated lady tigers beat some bama butt!

Back to the good ole trampoline days :)

here are some pictures from new year's eve!

me getting ready to karoke. and then some of the group!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Random Note

This is ridiculous..who on earth should have that many books for one semester? UGGHHHHH!

We wrapped up the AUMB season at our was really sad! I miss running pregame already! And seeing all of my awesome friends!

Next item of business..time for a little ranting. why on earth is it that it seems all guys want from me is hook ups hook ups hook ups..(and i mean really hooking up not just kissing). I mean is chilvary really dead?? It shouldn't be! Why do they only want me to have sex with themmmm???? This is not fair! I just want a sweet guy! UGHHHHHGGGHHH!

School has started again as you can see from my lovely book picture.. i am taking principles of microeconomics, honors writing seminar II, biology II, ethics, and world history..pretty big course load..16 hours. But more free time because of no band. :(

Once again I am trying to lose weight because it is very possible that i gained every pound of the 15 I'd lost when i was being healthy back. i dont know for sure becasue i haven't gotten on a scale but i can tell i've gained weight. ew. so back to food logs and eating right all the time and doing ellipitcal and ab work until i fall over. lol. time to make another workout playlist on the old i-pod lol.

It's been pretty quiet since I got back to the dorms..but Miami over Christmas was beautiful..great beach weather.. And New Years Eve was fantastic in Auburn..

oh and p.s. once i get my other new years pics and random stuff uploaded i'll put another picture blog in!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Country Singers Say It Just Right..

"You can't smile until you've shed some tears....I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life." ~Darryl Worley

It's true.'s just a whirlwind. There are gonna be bad times, sad times, hard times, and even terrible times but then of course life is also gonna bless you with sweet, calming, exciting, and hilarious moments that make those awful times bearable.

Yes people pass away, families are broken, friends lie, hearts get ripped apart, people get hurt. BUT people will surprise you too..they can be a great source of comfort, love, and happiness and be there to celebrate the good times which are more than just few and far between.

This is why through the rough stuff and the sucky stuff you have to keep your head held high and do your best to smile through adversity. You have to accept that it's going to happen. Don't run from it. Turn around and look it dead in the eye and face. You don't want to be running for your whole life you? Eventually you'd get tired.

You just have to hope that there will be more good times than bad. Remember that darkness doesn't last forever, eventually it will clear. Hang on tight and love the ride.

My New Years Revealation :)
Happy 2009!