Monday, February 28, 2011

A Royal Screw Up

1. i forgot to write down a couple checks i wrote so now i have a very tiny amount of money
2. Spring Break is in two weeks. number one now sucks even more. how am i going to eat and party for seven days at the beach with no money.
3. I have two midterms and two exams between wednesday and thursday and am so unprepared and starting to panic.
4. i have my nursing interview saturday and im terrified.
5. i had my heart broken by a player who played me like a boss. i fell hard for him and half of that is my fault for not stopping myself from letting go of everything. it hurts so much. i was so stupid.
6. everything just feels so unstable and i'm about to lose it.

God help me, please.
bring me back home to that girl i was raised to be.

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