Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Random Note

This is ridiculous..who on earth should have that many books for one semester? UGGHHHHH!

We wrapped up the AUMB season at our banquet..it was really sad! I miss running pregame already! And seeing all of my awesome friends!

Next item of business..time for a little ranting. why on earth is it that it seems all guys want from me is hook ups hook ups hook ups..(and i mean really hooking up not just kissing). I mean is chilvary really dead?? It shouldn't be! Why do they only want me to have sex with themmmm???? This is not fair! I just want a sweet guy! UGHHHHHGGGHHH!

School has started again as you can see from my lovely book picture.. i am taking principles of microeconomics, honors writing seminar II, biology II, ethics, and world history..pretty big course load..16 hours. But more free time because of no band. :(

Once again I am trying to lose weight because it is very possible that i gained every pound of the 15 I'd lost when i was being healthy back. i dont know for sure becasue i haven't gotten on a scale but i can tell i've gained weight. ew. so back to food logs and eating right all the time and doing ellipitcal and ab work until i fall over. lol. time to make another workout playlist on the old i-pod lol.

It's been pretty quiet since I got back to the dorms..but Miami over Christmas was beautiful..great beach weather.. And New Years Eve was fantastic in Auburn..

oh and p.s. once i get my other new years pics and random stuff uploaded i'll put another picture blog in!

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