Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Man Dang!

So these past two weeks have been crazy! Moving into the dorms, preseason camp for the Auburn University Marching Band, and of course my first college classes!

So starting at the top: moving out....wow! I've been waiting for that one for over a year..but really even though I didn't move far, it was still sad. I still missed my home and bed. And my parents and sister. It's scary too! Not too mention having to say good bye to some friends. It made me incredibly ad when Tyler left because we've gotten to be such good friends and who knows when we'll see each other again..I mean he's only about two hours away but we're both so busy-me with flag and football and him with rush and other things... But besides the sad part my room is pretty ballin! Except that I'm gonna have to move everything out when the new furniture gets here soon... :p

Ok so then last week(August 8-16) was AUMB preseason camp. That was an insane week. Our days consisted of waking up for seven thirty am RAT(rookie auburn tiger) drills, practice outside for four hours, a small lunch break, pracice for four and a half more hours, a small break, and then practice for another three. So pretty much we practiced from seven thirty am until eight at night.. LONG days. haha. But we did learn our entire show (The Rolling Stones by the way) and our crazy exciting pregame (including the "jog"..ha! more like a sprint with high knees..btw if you don't know what it looks like look up 'Auburn Univerity Pregame' on Youtube) plus the march around for the stadium and stand tunes/cheers. But I do have a very interesting story that happened the monday of band camp...So I got a concussion..A girl was throwing a rifle and she overthrew it and cracked me in the back of the head. Now let me tell you that show rifles weigh way more than a flag ever will and are solid..so that hurt. Apparently people heard the crack across the practice field. So this made my vision funny, made me dizzy, constant headaches, and nauseous so practice was kind of a bitch for the rest of the week..especially since I couldn't do it full out because jumping and running and getting hit in the head were not allowed(and seeing as we have tosses in our routines it was slightly difficult lol). But besides that the team bonding stuff was fun..like watching the olympics..oh michael phelps :)

Finally camp ends and college begins! My schedule is not too bad-bio, psych, hospitality and management, honors writing seminar, tiger eyes and band. It's really weird after high school. The classes are so short-only fifty minutes-compared to the ninety six minute classes in high school. Not to mention we have breaks all day..And attendance at some is not mandatory-but im going! We had our first pep rally for "Welcome Week" and I got to perform in it with the band so that was a blast. And singing the Alma Mater for the first time with a lot of my classmates gave me chills. I can't wait to just get inot the swing of things.. The only thing i miss is seeing my besties everyday as we walk to class..I never see them...it's such a big campus and so many people..twenty three thousand.. WAR EAGLE!

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