Friday, August 1, 2008

The random things you should know..

Samantha Spring Trupp

1. I am a college freshman at Auburn University in the fall of 2008.

2. I grew up in Alabama and never moved.

3. I am 18 and tall.

4. My full name is samantha spring trupp but i prefer one my nicknames: sam, trupples, slim, waffles, sammy. By the way there are funny stories to some of those.

5. I am a memeber of the 2008 Tiger Eyes Flag Line in the AU Marching Band. This means i will get to wear a pretty costume and twirl a flag during halftime shows.

6. I have played flute since the seventh grade and piano since third (i think) and truly enjoy making music.

7. I played soccer for ten years. Rec, club/travel and high school.

8. I even tried dance-ballet, jazz, and hip hop. This was quite an experience but I loved it..but it was purely fun. I really don't think i have a lot of talent in that area. :)

9. I consider myself a very laid back person and i laugh at everything. I'm the kind of person who laughs and people give me weird looks because it's really not funny.

10. I am a very smart person but i can make some pretty dumb comments.

11. I was raised a Lutheran and I love my little church.

13. I can keep up with the boys when it comes to watching and talking about football. I love going to games and cheering like a maniac.

13. I am a sucker for happy endings. And I am a hopelss romantic and sometimes too much of an idealist/dreamer.

14. But i can be very level headed and sometimes i think too much before i jump.

15. I absolutley love quotes. All kinds. Funny, inspirational, love, famous, stuff my wonderful friends say..

16. Speaking of friends. I have the best in the world. No other person's are better. I am very protective of them and I may be one of the youngest but I am the mama of the group.

17. I seriously think southern people are the nicest ever. And yes i use "ya'll" all of the time. Not to mention the that some of the best things are from the south such as sweet tea and southern cooking. I am a southern girl. Now and forever. I have a slight twange on my accent but that's fine with me.

18. I am one of the most trusting people you'll probably ever meet. And one of the most open minded.

19. I say I am a republican in case you were wondering. but i am pretty much smack in the middle of the spectrum.

20. I am a very independent person but it's always nice to know that family and friends are always there.

21. I am a picture fiend. I have thousands of pictures. Personally I think that there's no better way to remember something than a photograph.

22. I don't give up on people and I dont stay angry for long. It takes too much out of me.

23. I am a "the glass is half full" kind of girl. Bad stuff has happened and always will but it's not something i can control. I have to find that silver lining.

24. I am a rollar coaster fanatic. The bigger and faster they are the better.

25. I am deathly afraid of snakes. My biggest fear is losing someone or being forgotten.

26. I could eat mashed potatoes, chocolate strawberries, and sushi (not together of course) any time anywhere. Yum!

27. I am a random random person. But I hate to be late. It makes me mad when people cannot be on time. It's not that hard.

28. I truly believe that you should enjoy everything you can at every chance you get because you may never get that chance again.

I'm sure i could say more but really this is long enough.

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Shannon said...

AAAAAHHHHH! You are not blogging! If you don't mind my dear, I will link to you. Your favorite Uncle says to watch what you say, he's watching you. Love you sweetie.