Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer's End in Sweet Home Alabama

Well I just figured I should do a little blog about Summer 2008! It was crazy, amazing, sad, fufilling and frustrating all at the same time. It is definitely one to remember. From traveling all over the place to just hanging out at home by the pool, it was a fun one.

Well let's see it all started with my senior youth beach trip during Senior Week to St. Joseph's Peninsula in Florida. This was just about the best beach trip I've ever taken. We spent the days doing whatever we pleased including chillin on the beach and messing around in the water. There was one day where we took out a kayak and of course with us and our luck we got flipped but still besides getting bruised in the ribs it was a ton of fun! We made homeade sushi and ate a lot of food and stayed up close to dawn everynight. It was our last celebration as being seniors in the class of 2008.

Graduation: May 23, 2008! Royal blue robes, moving the tassel, singing the Alma Mater. The whole deal! It was amazing! And I was so happy that my little cousins and Uncle Dave and Aunt Shannon made it. Along with my grandparents of course! Besides this being the symbol of the end of high school, the most memorable thing was getting my eyelashes cut off and getting sliced right under my eye by a graduation cap. I won't forget my graduation. lol.

Next came a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean! Coco Cay, St. Thomas, St. Maarten! Meagan and I had a blast on the Mariner of the Seas Royal Caribbean. We ate about a months worth of delicious food in a week. No joke the french fries were amazing! And so was the seafood and fancy desserts of course! We loved Coki Beach (yummy mango drinks!) on St. Thomas and all of the wonderful shopping with our freebie coupons! Jewelry galore!! One of the most fun times on the ship was sneaking into the Dragon's Lair and dancing until late! It was an experience alright. And I can't forget the time Meagan decided to lay across the railing on the top deck just to scare me to death. We met a lot of cool people... Yay Canada!! And we did some pretty cool stuff like parasailing and snorkling..except that we thought mom drowned because she got with the other group and we couldn't find her. Good times, good times. But seriously most of that trip was absolutly amazing!

Ok ok so the 4th of July annual family reunion wasn't too bad either. Spending days on the lake..watching Ben go crazy everytime he got to swim an Kiera practically cling to whoever held her near the water was priceless. Not too mention getting to hang out with all of the extended family who live forever and a day away from Alabama. Cookie cake was definitely the dessert of the trip and yoo hoo is still the drink to beat! The three older "kids" (that being me, jess,and kendall) rocked out in the mustang, and crazy makeovers were done on the last night. It was a fast trip as always but still it was fun. I miss everyone so damn much!

My last trip of the summer was to the beach again except this time we camped. It was quite hot and humid and I don't recommend camping in the summer. But the beach was just as beautiful as always. Mollers, Joe, Tyler, and I had a blast swimming around, snorkeling in the bay, and eating...haha of course. And then there was our quest to find food at ten at night in the quiet town on St. George's Island...We ended up at a gas station where I was asked where "Lake Bum" is.. *Note: there is no Lake Bum.. It was on my shorts...meaning I am a lake bum.* Funny times.

So besides the trips there was hanging out at Target as we always do..except the popcorn went up sixty two cents..sad sad day...and swimming at Molly's and Jasmine's. Oh and of course all of our trips to Insomnia with Tyler and Joe. And the constant hanging out at Tylers..oh his poor poor grass. :) And let's not forget the parties and dancing at Sky Bar.

Oh and what would summer be without guys.. :) Fun times, sad times, intense times, and crazy funny times. Ole Chadaroosky(Chad) on the ship was a cute little fling. But the one that I'll actually remember was Tyler. Late nights with him were sweet and he was a good guy but I sure thought about stuff too much. I thought way too much before I jumped. It sucks that vision is only perfect in retrospect... *sigh*. He turned out to be a great great friend though. Not to mention dealing with Jasmine and Brandon and his ridiculousness.

So this summer was quite a full one. And a memorable one. So all I can say is bring on college!

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