Monday, September 1, 2008

Bodegeta Bodegeta Bodegeta Ba. Ra Ra Ra...

Me and our lovely orange and blue uniforms!

The lovely Tiger Eyes on the jumbotron!

Aubie and some of the flag line in the stands.

The 2008-2009 Flag Line at AU!

So last Saturday(Aug. 30, 2008) was my first AU football game as a college student and a performer! It was so exciting! Once we got through the three hour gameday reherasal it was a lot of fun! The AUMB participated in Tiger Walk, Spirit March, Four Corners Pep Rally, March Around(which I got to be on the Jumbotron!!), Pregame, and Halftime! Pregame was the best. At first it was terrifying! We waited in the tunnel for about ten minutes looking up at the full stands of almost 90,000 people. Then it off we went and did our famous pregame! so much fun!! The game got boring by the end because we were kicking butt but we still had to cheer! Lead the students!
I love Auburn Football!

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Shannon said...

You rock babe! Can't wait to see you someday!