Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Don't Know About all of This...

So college is HARD! I'm kind of gettig sick of spending my evenings in the library. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. But I can do it!
Another thing..losing weight/dieting is next to impossible. I'm trying to drop ten pounds and it is not happening. :/ Gotta look better in that flag uniform..
But one exciting thing is that espn is filming the aumb for national television and battle of the bands so look out for us on there!
I've figured out what would cure all of this stress..a weekend...or week..beach trip..anyone up for the trip? :)

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Dave Luhrs said...

Hi, Sam. Aunt Shannon is in Chicago partying like a rock star so I figured I'd catch up on how college was going with one of my favorite nieces (I can't play favorites, you know). I just wanted to let you know that Aunt Shannon and I are VERY proud of you starting at AU with such a bang; it might even make me like to watch SEC football! You are very smart AND talented and that’s something to feel good about. College is going to be hard for 4 years if you do it right; but that just means you’re getting your monies worth. Easy is boring…especially for someone so capable. Keep it up and let me know if you need any calculus or physics help. I can also explain every aspect of how a car works if the need should ever arise.
Much love and kisses from ALL of the MI (GO BLUE!) Luhrs’. Ben talks about “Sam goes to Auburn” a lot. He started kindergarten so he’s in the same boat as you…he just takes a yellow bus to school.
And BTW – friends sacrifice for each other; that’s what sets them apart from acquaintances. But, they also never ask each other to sacrifice at the expense of the other. I’m sure you are a great friend if you are anything as a friend as you are like a daughter, niece, cousin, and sister.
Love ya, y’all!
Uncle Dave
P.S. Ohio State – MI is still the greatest college football rivalry known to Man…