Friday, September 19, 2008

Holy Hell...

Ok so I am trying to be a good friend. And do the right thing. Sometimes I don't know what that is..I'm only 18 for goodness sakes!
I confronted a friend about bulima..
I'm trying to get another friend to actually grieve(the only time she ever does is when she's drunk) for her passed away father. And trying to get her to actually care about living and having fun.
Also trying to help a friend fix a boy problem. One in which he is trying to be an amazing boyfriend but is smothering her. She allows it becasue she feels guilty(whole different story..). He wants to propose to her. They've dated 3 months. I don't know what to say because she's not ready for marriage.
And oh yeah, I have classes and tests and homework and have to lose weight. Obviously friends are way way more important than any of that and I want them to all be ok. I just sometimes don't know what to say and it kinda sucks. I love them all like sisters. They will not get hurt anymore if I can help it.
So yeah..crazy times.
But of course there is good stuff too..

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Shannon said...

Where've you been? I'm thinking of you.